Amazing Features

Extension features and all the details

Migrate Your System

Experience the delight of transferring your information with a few clicks…and in only a few minutes.

100% Secure Backups

The Magento Moving Tool comes with extra secure backups that ensure you will always have a safe spot.

No Expertise Needed

Magento Moving Tool is technological beginner’s best friend. Simple and user friendly - made for anyone.

Magento - Amazing Features

Multidomain Support

The Extension supports the migration of multiple domains – a powerful solution to migrate any Magento System.

Simple Steps

Generate your backup and installer files and upload it to the new server. Last just start the installer to finish!

Smooth Installation

For installing Magento Moving Tool just unzip the file and upload it to your Magento installation folder.

The Magento Moving Tool

Our extension is the best and easiest way to move, transfer, clone, duplicate or backup Magento systems in a simple, fast and reliable way. We will be honest: currently there is absolutely no software-tool comparable to the Magento Moving Tool. It is an unprecedented assistant that saves you time and money.

  • Migrate your Magento System
  • Create Installer and move your System quickly
  • Smooth Backup/Installer file management
  • Automatic update of Domain/s in Database

A Brand New Way to migrate Magento

The Magento Moving Tool reinvents the migration of your Magento systems and databases. That what once took a lot of efforts and wasted valuable time is now an easy process requiring only a few minutes. You can use the extension to duplicate, migrate or backup your entire Magento website. All you need to utilize its full potential is administrator permission in your Magento system.

Magento Moving Tool is simple to setup, requires close to none manual input and is compatible with Magento systems spanning from Version to Version

For more information, you can take a look at the documentation.

The Magento Moving Tool

Carefully Developed & Designed For


Step your game up and amaze your clients. The Magento Moving Tool will give you an edge over other Magento developers and save you precious time and efforts. As for your customers, they will love the security and smoothness you have introduced to their project by using a modern, intuitive extension that is also simple to use.

Small Business Owners

Every business owner faces a moment when a website should be moved from one server to another. Usually this is a lengthy process that takes precious time which you can use to focus on more important things. Ecommerce merchants are especially familiar with the pains of migrating significant databases of products.


Enterprises are true mastodons in terms of size and scope. If you are one, you are familiar with the pains of transferring complex systems of enormous size. Multiple domains, endless databases and a worrying amount of hours wasted in moving information. Thats Why we created "Magento Moving Tool"!

Screen Shots

Check out our gallery showcasing various aspects of the Moving Tool setup process and how it actually works.
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Moving Tool v2

Move, setup or migrate your Magento system as quickly and easily as possible.


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